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Kristi E. White, Ph.D., LP

Dr. Kristi White is a clinical health psychologist practicing in primary care at Hennepin Healthcare. She specializes in health psychology and behavioral medicine with clinical expertise in stress-related and inflammatory diseases, diabetes, obesity, and health disparities. Dr. White also has a strong interest in the overlap between health psychology, behavioral medicine, and environmental sustainability.  Specifically, her interests are focused on environmental justice, the stress-reducing and health promoting effects of restorative natural environments, the role of environmental sustainability in human well-being, and the symbiotic relationship between humans and the natural environment. She is currently the Programs and Education Chair of Hennepin Healthcare’s Sustainability Committee. Dr. White also has a passion for improving health equity and reducing health disparities in the state of Minnesota. Overall, Dr. White hopes to dedicate her career to helping patients, communities, and environments thrive by dismantling systemic inequities and by being a responsible steward for current and future generations.


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