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C. Vaile Wright, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Office of Health Care Innovation

American Psychological Association

Vaile Wright, Ph.D. is the Senior Director for the Office of Health Care Innovation at the American Psychological Association.  She is a licensed psychologist and researcher focusing on developing strategies to leverage technology and data to address issues within health care, including increasing access, measuring care, improving efficiencies, and optimizing treatment delivery at both the individual and systems level. She has maintained an active line of research with peer-reviewed articles in multiple journals and serves as a media spokesperson for APA.

Product Type
Live Webinar

Addressing Mental Health with Technology

Topic Areas:
Technology & Psychotherapy
Live Webinar
C. Vaile Wright, Ph.D.
4 Hours 30 Minutes
Short Description:
Mental health digital therapeutics involve the use of software programs to deliver evidence-based and validated interventions to treat mental and behavioral health disorders, such as chronic insomnia,...
$130.00 - Base Price

Fri, Oct 18, 2024 - 10:00am to 02:30pm EDT

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