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Pre-Recorded Homestudy

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Pre-Recorded Homestudy
Jennifer Harrison, Ph.D., LP |  Trisha Kivisalu, Ph.D.
Course Levels:
1 Hour
Short Description:
As practitioners of mental health services to a wide variety of clientele, part of the responsibility as ethical professionals is to stay current on advances in interventions in our field. Reviewing published literature is a key source of information for existing and new interventions. Meta-analysis is a quantitative research method used to synthesize available evidence from published literature with the goal of producing a mean effect size. The mean, or summary, effect size that is attained then speaks to the magnitude of the effect found, such as the impact of an intervention with a specific population. While meta-analysis follows a systematic method with straightforward steps, the statistics involved are quite complex in nature. However, with a few helpful tips that cover the basics of this important empirical method, practitioners without advanced statistical training can be adequately equipped to understand the nuts and bolts of meta-analysis.
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