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Live Webinar

Treating Children by Training & Maintaining Adult Regulation

Total Credits: 6 including 6 Psychologists -APA (Live Events), 6 Psychologist-Vermont, 6 Clinical Social Worker-Vermont

Topic Areas:
Adolescents |  Children |  Families |  Anxiety |  Adult Dysregulation
Live Webinar
Gillian Boudreau, Ph.D.
Course Levels:
Basic to Intermediate
7.5 hours (total)
Access for event date only.



It is long understood that improving relationships between children and their caregivers is primary to improving child mental health.  What we often miss, however, are the specific mechanisms by which adult stress and dysregulation can derail childrens’ treatment progress.  This training will illuminate these mechanisms, and will provide an accessible model of working compassionately and methodically with adult caregivers to meaningfully increase their availability for calm connection.  A calm, connected caregiver is key to fostering resiliency and optimal development, as well as reducing symptoms among children with a wide array of diagnoses and lived experiences.

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