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Live Webinar

Black Minds Matter Too (Part 2)

Total Credits: 6 including 6 APA Psychologists (Live Events), 6 VT Psychologist, 6 VT LICSW, 6 VT LCMHC/LMFT, 6 NH LICSW, 6 NH LCMHC, 7.2 MA LCSW, 6 LCMHC - MA, 7.2 MA LICSW, 6 CT LPC, 6 CT LCSW

Topic Areas:
African-American Psychology |  Culturally-Adapted Treatments |  Racism
Live Webinar
Nnamdi Pole, Ph.D.
Course Levels:
7 Hours 30 Minutes
Access for event date only.



This workshop provides a follow-up to our May 2021 "Black Minds Matter" workshop; however, it will not presume knowledge from the 2021 presentation and attendance at that presentation is not a mandatory prerequisite.  All are welcome to attend.

The prior presentation covered relevant ethics, history, definitions of race and racism, racial identity development models, mental health disparities, and thoughts about modifying the mental health care system.  In this training, we will go further into clinical applications of these topics.  Specifically, we will address:  (1) multiracial and intersectional identities in both clients and therapists and their implications for forming and maintaining therapeutic alliance; (2) how, when, and why to address demographic differences between therapists and clients; (3) how to address racial bias and hate crimes; and (4) how to diagnose and treat trauma in Black (and other culturally marginalized) clients.



Nnamdi Pole, Ph.D.'s Profile

Nnamdi Pole, Ph.D. Related seminars and products

Professor of Psychology and Social Work

Smith College

Nnamdi Pole, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology and Social Work at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he also serves as chair of the college's Institutional Review Board and incoming chair of the Psychology Department.  He has taught at a number of institutions, including UC Berkeley, the University of Michigan, the Wright Institute, and Alliant University, and he regularly consults with mental health agencies on matters of diversity, inclusion, and equity.  His research interests include cultural diversity, psychological trauma, and psychotherapy process.  Dr. Pole is a licensed clinical psychologist, an elected member of the American Psychological Association Council of Representatives (representing trauma psychology), and an appointed member of the APA Guideline Update Panel for Adult PTSD.  He is an associate editor of two journals (Psychological Bulletin and Affective Science) and also serves on the editorial boards of three other journals, Journal of Anxiety DisorderPsychological Trauma:  Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy; and Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Course Objectives

Objective 1

Explain some of the models of racial and intersectional identity development.

Objective 2

Apply models of racial and intersectional identity development to building and maintaining therapeutic alliance.

Objective 3

Describe cultural adaptations of empirically-supported treatments to better suit Black and marginalized clients.

Objective 4

Explain best practices for responding to racial prejudice and hate crimes.

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