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Betrayal and Forgiveness: How to Navigate the Turmoil and Learn to Trust Again

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Posted 06/27/2024

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Dr. Bruce Chalmer

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How Can I Recover from Betrayal?
You’ve been betrayed.
How do you get through the emotional turmoil? How can you get past the anger and learn to trust again? How do you decide what to do about your relationship with the one who betrayed you?
Dr. Bruce Chalmer’s Betrayal and Forgiveness shows you how. You’ll learn:
• How to get through the shock of betrayal
• Why forgiveness is important—and when you shouldn’t forgive
• Three steps to forgiveness
• Why a mindset of faith—not necessarily religious—is a vital part of healing
• How to learn to trust yourself again
• How to decide if you want to rebuild trust with the one who betrayed you
• How to move on, together or separately, and find joy and gratitude again
• How to make amends and heal if you’re the one who betrayed someone
You’ll meet twelve couples and follow their stories as they navigate the difficult journey from betrayal to resolution.

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